Awake church! And take flight on wings of eagles.

Janie Fabre, the founder of Awake & Pray Ministries is called to teach and train the body of Christ to flow with the Holy Spirit.  This equipping of the saints is necessary in these last days.


The office of the prophet is symbolized by the eagle due to its multi-perspective eyesight.  In 2013 Janie experienced a mini vision in which she was a mother eagle.  The eagle had laid an egg and all of her concentration was on the egg.  Then, the vision expanded to reveal an ecosystem of eagles.  All of the eagles were at different stages of development.  Some were eagle chicks, some were fledglings learning to fly, and some were soaring skillfully.


It is with this calling of a prophet that Janie Fabre is ministering to the saints and imparting the Lord's anointing to those who are hungry.  The Lord wants the full range of his gifts operating in the church.

Please join us in our monthly meetings in these cities:

Jackson, MS

Walker, LA

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